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Friday 9th September 2022
How can five hours spare time in a journey between UK and Germany be not enough? When flight delays and bad weather delay a flight by three hours, and a signalling failure in Germany delays trains by two hours......
Route: Timperley 09:14 (Metrolink tram 3007+3015) - Trafford Bar 09:26; delays due to failed tram at Deansgate-Castlefield; 10:04 (Metrolink tram 3031) - Manchester Airport 10:46; Manchester (MAN) T1 12:50 (Ryanair FR1593 B737-8AS 9H-QAM; delayed by late crew change and air traffic restrictions and poor weather over Germany; MAN Push-back at 15:01, take-off 15:30 from runway 23L; performed a go-around at CGN due to very bad weather; CGN Landed 18:19 on runway 32R, on stand 18:25, Koln/Bonn Airport (CGN) booked 15:20; Airport 18:44 (S19 DB EMU 423037+423047) - Köln Messe/Deutz 19:06; delays and diversions due to signalling problems at Köln Hbf; 19:18 (ICE28 DB EMU 411066) - Düsseldorf Hbf 19.38; 19:50 (EC118 DB EL 101101) - Dortmund Hbf 20:46; 20:48 (ICE947 DB EMU 402066+088 dep 32 late) - Hannover Hbf 22:28 (arr 38 late, missing the last useful train to Uelzen); Hbf 23.12 (U2 tram) - Dragonerstrasse 23:17. I had to cancel my hotel in Uelzen and book a night in Hannover, at the Ibis Hannover City, a short walk from Dragonerstrasse tram stop.