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Thursday 15th September 2022
Another early start this morning; from just south of Cáceres to just north of Mérida we used the new high speed line, here it completely replaces the original route; I stayed on the train to the terminus at Sevilla Santa Justa. Next part of the plan was to do the single metro route and the single tram route here in Sevilla. Both pass through San Bernardo, one stop on the Cercanías south of Santa Justa. I got told off by the security guys for taking photographs at the metro western terminus at Ciudad Expo: on closer inspection of the Terms and Conditions I did note that photography is not allowed. I wonder why? Anyway out to the eastern terminus at Oliver de Quintos then back to San Bernardo. Upstairs next into the street for the short (five stops) tram route, from San Bernardo to Plaza Nueva. Part of the tram route is conventionally wired, but part is on battery, with a charging station at each tram stop. Then back to Santa Justa with a couple of hours wait for the train to Huelva to meet my sister and other family. Note it was too hot for any more sightseeing!
Route: Cáceres 07:09 (MD18773 RENFE DMU 599 set 033) - via new line, left track - Mérida (rev 07:54/08:00) - Zafra - Sevilla Santa Justa 11:16; 12:18 (Cercanías-1 RENFE EMU 464208) - San Bernardo 12:22; 12:35 (metro line 1 set 102) - Ciudad Expo 12:52; 13:05 (metro line 1 set 115) - Oliver de Quintos 13:40; 13:48 (metro line 1 set 118) - San Bernardo 14:08; 14:20 (tram line T1 tram 301) - Plaza Nueva 14:32; 14:53 (tram line T1 tram 304) - San Bernardo 15:03; 15:10 (Cercanías-5 RENFE EMU 464206) - Sevilla Santa Justa 15:16; 17:00 (MD 13039 RENFE EMU 449007) - Huelva 18:34; by car to my sister's house in Sanlúcar de Guadiana for four nights.