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Wednesday 10th August 2022
A day finishing off things around Athína. First was the new route 7 tram loop around Piraeus, then down to the southern end of route 7 at Asklipio Voulas. Back to Platio Vaso Katraki for some lunch, then on to Pikrodafni where route 6 starts, to the end of that route at Syntagma. I had previously done Piraeus to Syntagma, that route no longer runs, and the north curve at Pikrodafni which I did then no longer has a service! Next to do the two metro extensions, line 2 to Elliniko and line 3 to Nikea. Finally a section of the Airport - Kiato route where it bypasses Athína that had been shut for engineering works when I was here some years ago (I had tried to do this yesterday but the train I was planning to get was cancelled). Finally by train from Athína to the Airport for a late flight home.
See trip report for the full itinerary, traction details and notes.