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The Guadiana Railway was a Spanish narrow-gauge mining railway that existed in the province of Huelva, connecting the Las Herrerías mine near the town of Puebla de Guzmán with the Guadiana River port at La Laja. The line was open between 1890 and 1966, was about 31 km long and had a track gauge of 762 mm. The lower part of the route has been rehabilitated as the Vía Verde del Guadiana walking and cycling route. There are lot of interesting information boards close to the mining museum at El Granado, though that is located some distance from the railway alignment. Remains of the unloading dock still exist in the port area at La Laja. Other remains elsewhere on the route have not yet been visited. Today I walked about 4.5 km from where the former railway crosses the Chanza Canal to the port at La Laja. For more information on this railway please see the Spanish Railways website. This was my second visit to the area, the first was in December 2011.