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P8224833.JPG DobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevoDobojThumbnailsSarajevo

ŽFBH (Željeznice Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine) electric locomotive 441-411 has just backed onto train 397, Zagreb to Ploče via Sarajevo, at Doboj on 22 August 2003 - and is just lowering its pantograph. Doboj is where through trains across Bosnia-Hercegovina change locomotives from ŽRS (Željeznice Republike Srpske) to ŽFBH. Note that 441-411 is still showing itself as belonging to ŽBH, the former name of ŽFBH. Bosnia-Herzegovina has a train operator for each of its regional entities, with an umbrella organisation BHŽJK (Bosansko Hercegovačka Željeznička Javna Korporacija), which is based in Doboj, co-ordinating activities such as timetabling and fare management.