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DSCF4174.JPG Vers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-GardVers-Pont-du-GardThumbnailsVers-Pont-du-Gard

Near the Pont du Gard is a short freight-only branch line running to the former station at Vers-Pont-du-Gard. Now only a branch from Remoulins, this was formerly a longer distance route from Beaucaire to Le Martinet. This view is of the divergence, just east of the closed station: left to the station and right to the private siding. The line appears to see occasional freight traffic.

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