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DSCF4193.JPG Castillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelvaCastillejo-AñoverThumbnailsHuelva

Day 1 of the PTG "Alco Holic 5" railtour has arrived at Algodor on the now-closed classic route to Toledo. The train will reverse here, pass the high speed line works site at La Sagra and continue to Villaluenga-Yuncler. Reversal there allows the railtour to continue westwards on the classic route to Cáceres.