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P8270912.JPG KanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjižaKanjižaThumbnailsKanjiža

Kanjiža is the terminus of a short branch from Horgoš, though it was originally a through route to Senta on the Subotica - Zrenjanin line. JŽ (Jugoslovenske Železnice/Jugoslav Railways) diesel railcar 812-066 stands at the station with the GIL railtour, having reversed direction just beyond the station. The passenger service, which was two return journeys per day between here and Subotica, ceased by December 2014.