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20150523_143529.jpg RibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsarghRibbletonThumbnailsGrimsargh

Ribbleton station building looking westwards across Gamull Road overbridge. The station was opened in 1854 as "Gammer Lane" (thought to be a corruption of the road name, renamed as Fulwood in 1856 then to Ribbleton in 1900. Closure to passengers of the station and the line was in 1930. It has been reported in 2021 that the station building has been bought by Preston Trampower, the company attempting to re-open part of the line as a tramway, intending to use it as their headquarters.