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P5280151.JPG WaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjižaWaldmünchenThumbnailsKanjiža

Deutsche Bahn diesel locomotive 218 304-4 on arrival at Weidenberg. This branch line, eastwards from Bayreuth, was expected to see its last passenger trains on 8 June 2001: however the line has been reprieved - for a while at least. One of the reasons quoted for closure was "condition of track", but use of heavy locomotives and coaching stock instead of, for example, a lightweight railcar, cannot help matters.

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Monday 28 May 2001
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