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SAM_0631.JPG HegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljétHegyeshalomThumbnailsKiráljét

Királyéti Erdei Vasút (KEV) is a 760 mm gauge former forestry railway, now preserved, about an hour out of Budapest. It is very easy to get to as the KEV and MÁV stations at Kismaros are only a few minutes' walk apart. Mk48 2031 is about to work train 6304, the 12:00 departure to Királjét. The main line can be seen in the background, passing over the road.

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Tuesday 22 May 2012
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