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20220913_092507.jpg Hendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-ColónHendaye/HendaiaThumbnailsIrún-Colón

Euskotren metre gauge EMU 901 will work the 09:33 departure from Hendaia to San Sebastian/Donostia. A few hundred metres after departure, the train will cross from France into Spain; then it's a further kilometre or so to Irún-Colón station, the closest metre gauge station to the main RENFE station.