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20211107_153035.jpg León-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-MatallanaLeón-MatallanaThumbnailsLeón-Matallana

The station at León-Matallana was opened in 1923 for the metre gauge line to Bilbao. It closed in 2011 for rebuilding as part of a tramway scheme in León, but technical difficulties caused abandonment of the project. A 2014 scheme to convert the line, back as far as León-Asunción/Universidad, back to heavy rail also seems to have been abandoned. Hence, all trains from León-Asunción/Universidad to León-Matallana are replaced by buses, with no solution in sight.