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20140425_181747.jpg Fushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-KosovëFushë-KosovëThumbnailsFushë-Kosovë

HK (Hekurudhat e Kosovës/Trainkos) diesel locomotive 009 on the rear of the Mercia Charters charter train after arrival at Fushë-Kosovë at the end of the first day's tour. 009 is a type G1700 B-B diesel hydraulic locomotive built by Stadler in 2005.