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Today I drove from Olympia to Diakofto looking at various sections of closed railway en route: Olympia - Alfios - Katakolo - Kavasila - Kardiakafti - Vartholomio - Killini - Neochori - Rio - Rodini - Neos Erineos - Diakofto.
Kavasila to Killini was a branch off the Patra - Pyrgos line and closed in 1996. I couldn't find any trace of the old station at Loutra, a branch (closed 1969) from Vartholomio on the Kavasila - Killini line. I didn't call in at Patra, partly due to lack of time and partly because this had been explored on the April 2013 trip. East of Patra towards Diakofto and Kiato the old metre gauge line closed in 2007 and is now being converted to standard gauge: sometimes on the old alignment, sometimes on a completely new alignment. Overnight in Diakofto.