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The 2 miles long Whittingham Hospital Railway ran from an interchange with the Preston & Longridge Railway at Grimsargh to the large hospital (originally the Lancashire County Lunatic Asylum) at Whittingham, from 1884 to 1957. The main purpose of the railway was to carry coal for heating and to the hospital's gasworks; but it also carried staff and visitors, free of charge. It survived the 1930 passenger closure of the Preston & Longridge Railway, closing to all traffic on 29 June 1957. The hospital itself closed in 1995 and much has been demolished; even the trackbed is difficult to pick out, and the only intermediate structure of any significance, the bridge over Brabiner Lane, was demolished in the late 1970s. Also, unfortunately even on the date of this visit on 06/06/2015, some of the areas of interest were inaccessible.