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Itinerary for 31 March 2022: starting and finishing in Haifa using scheduled service trains; we had found out that today was the first day of operation of a service between Modi'in and Jerusalem via a newly constructed curve. Unfortunately plans were disrupted by a train cancellation so we had less time in Jerusalem than intended. We travelled from Haifa Center-HaSchmona via Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport, this train should have continued to Modi'in-Center. Hastily re-arranging plans, we caught a service to Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon, where we had time for a short tram ride one stop to Kiryat Moshe and back. Then we used one of the new services to Modi'in-Center and back, to cover both sides of the burrowing junction off the Jerusalem line. At Jerusalem we caught a tram to the southern terminus, Mount Herzl, and back past Central Station to Jaffa Center, where we caught a '78' bus to the David Remez stop. We then spent over an hour at the original 1892 railway station in Jerusalem, now a part museum part shopping centre. Then we caught the '78 ' bus and a tram back to Central Station, then a '420' bus to Bet Shemesh. This fed into a train towards Tel Aviv, though some of us did a return move between HaHagana and Lod to cover both sides of the burrowing junction onto the airport line. From Lod we continued to Haifa.