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Trip to Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. This day (Wednesday 27/03/2002) was a day visit to the Balatonfenyvesi Gazdasági Vasút (Balatonfenyves Farm Railway) system at Balatonfenyves. This was built in the mid 1950s at 760 mm gauge. Under threat of closure for some time, most of the Balatonfenyves system closed at the end of August 2002, leaving just a few seasonal short workings.
At the time of the visit, three routes were being served: from Balatonfenyves to Somogyszentpál, to Táska and to Csiszta gyógyfürdő. The first trip was from Balatonfenyves to Somogyszentpál and back; the second trip was from Balatonfenyves to Táska, reversing there to continue to Csiszta gyógyfürdő; then returning direct from Csiszta gyógyfürdő to Balatonfenyves. Thus the latter workings covered all three sides of the triangular junction at Táska elágazás.
The route to Somogyszentpál has since re-opened, and there are plans for other sections to be re-opened.
See trip report for the full itinerary, traction details and notes.