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20211105_130018.jpg LiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstilleroLiérganesThumbnailsAstillero

FEVE metre gauge EMU 3813 at Liérganes, terminus of a branch south and east of Santander; the branch diverges from the Santander - Bilbao FEVE route at Orejo. The unit will work the 13:04 departure to Santander, which I will take as far as Astillero, which is beyond the junction at Orejo to ensure that the train I catch towards Bilbao will "overlap" with the branch service.