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Ryanair flight FR9816 from Manchester to Santander airport; ALSA S4 bus to Santander; FEVE ( "Ferrocarriles de Vía Estrecha"; Spanish for "Narrow Gauge Railways") trains on the branch to Liérganes and back to Astillero; on a FEVE train to Bilbao, though this was replaced by a bus between Gibaja and Zalla for no clear reason; then a FEVE train to Bilbao La Concordia station. After checking into my hotel, the ibis, I caught Metro Line 1 from Indautxu to Lutxana to cover the hourly Mondays-to-Fridays Euskotren service to Sondika; then on Metro Line 3 to Lezama, and back to Zazpikaleak; then back on Metro Line 1 to Indautxu.