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20230120_110329.jpg Alacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-Zaraiche

The former station building at Alacant-Benalúa, a short walk from the present Alacant Terminal station and also close to the bus terminal. This building opened in 1888, though the railway from Murcia to Alacant opened to a temporary station building in 1884. The station closed to traffic in 1974 when trains were diverted into Alacant Terminal station, via a reversal at San Gabriel (some 1.6 km away from Benalúa station). After lying derelict for some years, the building was restored and is now used as office accommodation.