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20230122_114318.jpg Alacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-ZaraicheAlacant-BenalúaThumbnailsMurcia-Zaraiche

I spotted this building, which looked very much like an old station, from the tram in Murcia. A quick bit of research showed it to be Murcia-Zaraiche station, terminus of the former route to Caravaca via Alguazas. The tram tracks pass either side of the station then use the same alignment as the former railway for a few kilometers.