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A bit more exploring while out on a bike ride. These photos were all taken at the site of the first station at Cadishead, Greater Manchester. The line was opened in March 1873 between Skelton Jn and Glazebrook East Jn by the Cheshire Lines Committee as part of the route between Godley (on the Manchester - Woodhead - Sheffield route) and the main CLC route between Manchester and Liverpool. Passenger traffic was poor so the station closed in 1879. As part of the railway deviations for the construction of the Manchester Ship Canal, the line was bypassed in 1893 by the more southerly route that is on a higher embankment, climbing to a higher level to cross the canal. An adjacent station opened on that line in 1893. That route closed to passengers in 1964, and to all traffic in 1983, reportedly due to the condition of the Canal bridge. After closure in 1893, this original route was then used to serve factories in Irlam and Cadishead and actually survived the newer route by 16 years, finally closing here in 1999. More photos of Cadishead, taken by me in April 2020, can be found here.