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Today's route: Beograd - Vreoci - onto TENT (Termoelektrana 'Nicola Tesla') power station system - Vreoci coal loading - Obrenovac power station - Vorbis power station - Vreoci - Kolubara power station - Sušara; 900mm gauge draisine to old mine area and return; Sušara - Sušara mine - Vreoci - Požega; bus to hotel in Zlatibor
A day of purely industrial track, firstly the complete TENT (Termoelektrana 'Nicola Tesla') system and the little-used standard-gauge line to Kolubara power station (fed by electrically-hauled narrow gauge trains from the mine at Sušara). The ride on the draisine (actually an overhead line maintenance vehicle) was a little wearing but was punctuated by the Buster Keaton antics of the local fire brigade who came racing onto the scene at Zeoke to put out a fire in some dumped lignite. They eventually put out the fire but more water must have gone on themselves or their vehicle than went on the fire. This section of the visit ran very late, compounded by having to wait for an hour to get out of the sidings onto the main line. We were then given highest priority on the main line - even over the afternoon Bar to Beograd first-class-only train which was looped for us to pass rather than the other way around. A very hot day with a track buckle on the main line to contend with.