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Today's route: Beograd - Šid - Vinkovci (Croatia) - Strizivojne-Vrpolje - Slavonski Šamac - Strizivojne-Vrpolje - Slavonski Brod
A simple day just fitting a few things in, including the line from Strizivojne-Vrpolje to Slavonski Šamac to fill the gap from the charter train working from Bosnia some days previously. Nothing much to report except lots of rebuilding work on the Beograd - Zagreb main line. Didn't know anybody who'd stayed in Slavonski Brod before - it was a useful place to start from for tomorrow's plan - and the town is about 10 minutes south of the station. The Hotel Park (in some of the Guide Books) looked a bit seedy so we went for the Hotel Brod. See tomorrow's notes for more on the hotel.