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Sunday 14/11/2021 Last day of the holiday, heading for Santander to get the evening flight back to Manchester. Main aim was the morning working from Oviedo to Santander which, between Llanes and Cabezón de la Sal, is the sole eastbound working over the route. The route is quite scenic with views of the Cantabrian hills and, occasionally, the Bay of Biscay. With plenty of time to spare before the flight, and with all the practical track in the area covered, I did a return run from Santander to Torrelavega and back, before going up to a footbridge that crosses the approach tracks to the two Santander stations: there are two, the broad gauge RENFE station and the metre gauge FEVE station. The fact that the broad gauge line reduces from three platforms to a single line, and the metre gauge lines run from eight platforms as a pair of double tracks, gives an idea of the relative importance and indeed frequency of trains!
Route: 08:35 Oviedo (FEVE DMU 2721/2) - Santander 13:28; 14:15 (FEVE EMU 3816) - Torrelavega 14:49; 15:06 (FEVE EMU 3810) - Santander 15:40; 18:00 Santander bus station (route S4) - Santander Airport 18:10; Santander (SDR) 20:35 (Ryanair FR9817, EI-EBO); SDR push-back at 20:42, take-off 20:51 from runway 29; MAN landed 22:39 on runway 23R, on stand 21:43, Manchester Airport (MAN) booked 21:35; taxi to home.