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Wednesday 14th September 2022
The aim of today was to cover the two new sections of broad gauge high speed lines around Cáceres in Extramadura, plus the curves around Plasencia. There are now two triangular junctions at Plasencia, making six sections of line to be done: one of them, fortunately the one I did on a railtour a few years ago, has no service, but the others do - and my plan was to cover all five today. As it happens, bad weather caused signalling problems and my train from Madrid was delayed so omitted the booked call at Plasencia, thus destroying my plans! Fortunately a timetable check showed that I could recover the situation with less time in Cáceres and more time in Plasencia. I had time at the latter for a walk around town, viewing the closed line towards Salamanca, and dinner. For a map of the area see this map on EGTRE.
Route: San José de Valderas 09:42 (Cercanías-5 RENFE EMU 465 301+273) - Madrid Atocha Cercanías 10:00; 10:55 (MD 17902 RENFE DMU 599 unit 020) - via Villaverde Bajo - Villaverde Alto - Villaluenga-Yuncler ‘up’ platform to cross late Alvia 197 11:35/11:42 - slow running from Oropese de Toledo to Monfragüe (arr 14:08 / dep 14:12, 47 late) due to signalling problems due to severe weather - omitted the Plasencia stop to make up time - via Plasencia Aguja km. 9,2 and the new line - Cáceres 14:23 (arr 26 late); time to go to the hotel to check in; 16:07 (MD17907 RENFE DMU 599 unit 045) - via new line and Plasencia Aguja km. 9,2 and Aguja km. 7,2 direct to Plasencia 16:48; time for a walk and dinner; 21:28 (RE 17018 RENFE DMU) - via Plasencia Aguja km. 7,2 - Monfragüe Aguja km. 255.4 - old line - Cáceres 22:36. Hotel Iberia Plaza América in Cáceres.